Our Services
We offer a wide range of treatment options to provide the best and most comprehensive care possible
  1. Interventional Procedures
    What is an interventional procedure? It is a minimally invasive procedure performed by our physicians to diagnose and/or treat your pain.
    We offer a wide range of interventional procedures that help with back, neck, joint, and nerve pain among many other types of pain. These procedures can be performed with the patient awake using local anesthesia for comfort or with the patient lightly sedated for added comfort. These procedures are done in an outpatient setting and in the office and require minimal time missed from work or your daily activities.
  2. Medication Management
    Medication management is the use of medications to help control your chronic pain. The goals is to decrease your pain, increase your functional ability, and to improve your quality of life.
    Many different classes of medications may be used to help control your pain depending on the type of pain that you are experiencing. Your physician may use one or several of these medications to try to help control your pain.
  3. Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma
    These are newer, cutting-edge techniques that are starting to be utilized for the treatment of pain stemming from degenerated tissue in our bodies.
    The use growth factors and stems cells allows us to treat pain by regenerating structures in our bodies such as cartilage and disc material. Essentially your body repairs itself rather than older techniques that involve destruction, removal of tissue, or placement of foreign material.
  4. Surgery
    Our physicians can perform minor spinal surgery or device implantation procedures for treatment of pain conditions.
    When major surgery is recommended, we can refer you to one our area's skilled spine surgeon. However, our physicians are trained to perform more minor/less invasive surgeries such as: - spinal cord stimulator implantation - kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty - percutaneous lumbar discectomy - MILD procedure (Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression)
  5. Laboratory Testing
    Our clinic does incorporate laboratory testing to assist in patient treatment and safety as well as complying with federal and state mandated practices regarding pain medication.
    Genetic Testing: A simple DNA test done by cheek swab can improve the safety and effectiveness of your medications by analyzing your unique genetic makeup. Genetic testing will help your physician understand how your body metabolizes medications according to your specific DNA, which will help him prescribe the best medication and dose for you. The test results are only needed once in a lifetime.

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Controlled Medication Urine Drug Screening: as mandated by state law and as recommended for patient safety.
Neuropathy Skin Testing:  A small biopsy done with a needle can be evaluated by microscope to look for evidence of small fiber neuropathy that can be missed with other traditional forms of testing such as EMG.